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Views from the hill behind school

We (meaning me, Amy, and Jeff) decided to walk up this hill/mountain thingy behind our campus, so we did, and it gave us a decent view of the city, though we aim to go higher next time and get on top of Mt. Stuart, or else over to Castle Hill in the middle of town.  Just about all of the trees in the pictures are Eucalyptus trees (aka gum trees).  Its very dry up there, so all the grasses are ugly brown, but hey, what did you expect out in the bush? I love how the sky is always so pretty blue here!!  A lot of these are quite similar, but I like them anyway.

tville-view-2.jpg (91414 bytes)


view-1.jpg (67417 bytes) view-from-hill-14.jpg (50944 bytes) view-from-hill-01.jpg (58281 bytes)
view-from-hill-02.jpg (55962 bytes) view-from-hill-03.jpg (60472 bytes) view-from-hill-04.jpg (41199 bytes) view-from-hill-05.jpg (48700 bytes)
view-from-hill-06.jpg (52993 bytes) view-from-hill-07.jpg (43397 bytes) view-from-hill-08.jpg (54713 bytes) view-from-hill-09.jpg (67072 bytes)
view-from-hill-15.jpg (40789 bytes) view-from-hill-11.jpg (40804 bytes) view-from-hill-16.jpg (65905 bytes) view-from-hill-13.jpg (59104 bytes)
view-from-hill-12.jpg (75771 bytes)

another view

view-from-hill-10.jpg (78961 bytes)

looking down the backside of the hill

view-down-other-side-of-hil.jpg (84240 bytes)

looking down the backside of the hill

view-towards-back-hill.jpg (73457 bytes)

looking over towards the next hill, you can see the green following the path of water down

jeff-and-ash-on-trail-down-.jpg (89475 bytes)

Amy snapped a picture of Jeff and me on the way back down


banana-tree.jpg (96767 bytes)

banana tree at the principals house we walked by on the way up



This background is another of my pictures, and is one of the views from the hill out toward the city of Townsville, and you can see the ocean and Magnetic Island.  The river that goes through town is Ross River.

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