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The Strand

The Strand is the section of beach in Townsville.  There is 5 sections of short beach and a rock pool (filtered ocean water so no stingers) at the end.  We like to catch a bus and hang out there sometimes, doing some of our reading and schoolwork there instead of dorm rooms.  Of course, doing schoolwork for very long always leads to silliness, and we often have a camera on hand so here you go (amy took most of the pictures, since me and Lindsey were usually too 'bizzy' being dumb).  There are also some interesting video clips I will have to put up somewhere.  Yes, people did occasionally stare at us, laugh, ask what we were doing, or say they wanted to do the same.  One guy even said we should get permits and be human art exhibits, we were more interesting than the art that was around.

amy-at-strand.jpg (77149 bytes)


ash-and-lindsey-bridges-at-.jpg (83903 bytes)

lindsey and me doing bridges

ash-handstand-at-strand.jpg (108541 bytes)

me doing a handstand

ash-and-lindsey-headstands.jpg (91784 bytes)

me and lindsey doing headstands

lindsey-sort-of-doing-a-han.jpg (57351 bytes)

lindsey doing a handstand against the tree

Strand-art.jpg (77334 bytes)

some strange Strand art (you call that art? i call it a poorly done toilet papering job)

all-of-the-different-yowies.jpg (40591 bytes)

all of the different yowies (not sure why its on this page, oh well, why not)


ash-playing-w-toys-by-beach.jpg (99817 bytes)

me playing with some yowies

ash-headstand.jpg (68143 bytes)

me doing a headstand and being weird

ash-hugging-palm-1.jpg (43113 bytes)

me hugging a palm tree

ash-hugging-palm-3.jpg (42940 bytes)


ash-being-weird-again.jpg (59684 bytes)

me being weird, me and lindsey were pretending to be military type people, crawling on ground etc.

ash-hugging-palm-2.jpg (36066 bytes)

so i guess i've become a tree hugger (at least for palm trees, they're just so huggable)

ash-looking-dumb.jpg (40520 bytes)

me after coming down from a headstand for awhile

lindsey-hugging-palm.jpg (57600 bytes)

lindsey hugging the tree (its catchy)


ash-on-palm-tree-weird.jpg (47808 bytes)

me being a superhero that has just crash landed into a tree

seagulls-and-an-ibis.jpg (41457 bytes)

seagulls and an ibis

linds-standing-on-rock.jpg (44430 bytes)

lindsey standing on rock, staring into space


jeff-on-palm.jpg (20574 bytes)

jeff trying to climb the tree but ending up hugging it

linds-doing-bridge,-ash-lay.jpg (65278 bytes)

lindsey doing a bridge

ash-gonna-go-on-palm.jpg (83621 bytes)



sailboats-in-the-water.jpg (25170 bytes)

sailboats (also background pic)


little-purple-crab.jpg (21916 bytes)

little purple crab on the rocks by the beach

looking-down-first-beach-se.jpg (41361 bytes)

looking down first section of beach

looking-down-strand-again.jpg (47504 bytes)


palm-trees-back-side-of-the.jpg (40404 bytes)

looking back towards palms

plumeria-trees-at-the-stran.jpg (78934 bytes)

plumeria tree (i want to grow some, they are pretty and smell great!)

plumeria-flower.jpg (28958 bytes)

a single plumeria flower

rock-pool-at-the-strand.jpg (43298 bytes)
rock pool
some-playground-stuff-at-st.jpg (62787 bytes)

little playground section (they have these and workout stations all along sidewalk of Strand)

strand-beach-report-sign.jpg (68937 bytes)

beach report sign

This background is a picture I took of sailboats in the ocean straight out from the Strand.  Magnetic Island can be seen to the left side of it.

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