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National Rugby League Game 

We (me, Amy, Lindsey, Jeff) decided to experience the real rugby (footy) deal, since there was a NRL game right here in Townsville at the Dairy Farmers Stadium.  The North Queensland Cowboys (from Townsville) vs. the Newcastle Knights.  Well, the Cowboys need to improve their game some, seeing as how they were down 48 to nothing at halftime and then picked it up a little to finish the game at 60-24.  Even though the home team was losing pretty badly, it was an excellent experience.  We got to see some "local colour" and see what the great game of rugby is all about here.  The stadium was nice and had stadium and grass hill seating and the tickets were pretty cheap.  There were food and beer stands every like 25 feet around the whole thing, which surprised us a little, since at home if you ever wanted anything you would have to stand in like a single line forever.  There were no lines anywhere and express beer lines, since thats mostly what people buy I guess.  Each player has their own sponsor and wears their logo on their jersey, instead of just the whole team having a huge sponsor.  Because of this, there were several strange mascots wandering around as well.  Oh, and medics get to run around the field and give people rags, water, etc. during the game when game is in play!  All in all, it was a very fun and interesting experience!!


medic-plus-more.jpg (44512 bytes)

player w/ medic and some XXXX (beer) guys and others in background

footy-action-4.jpg (46779 bytes)


footy-action 1.jpg (56710 bytes)


footy-action-6.jpg (48280 bytes)


footy-action-5.jpg (47245 bytes)

action (and this background)

cowboys-vs-knights-NRL-half.jpg (36867 bytes)

halftime score, haha

footy-action-3.jpg (64339 bytes)


footy-action-2.jpg (61217 bytes)


footy-action-1.jpg (51925 bytes)


dairy-farmers-stadium-rugby.jpg (49514 bytes)

looking over towards the big screen

fighting-mascots.jpg (54536 bytes)

mascots fighting (and blurry)

walking-coke-bottle-mascot.jpg (20931 bytes)

this Coke bottle was the funniest mascot, since it wobbled around and waved its little arms

cowboys-vs-knight-NRL-final.jpg (48544 bytes)

final score


This background is another of my pictures and shows some footy action (haha, look at that guy grabbing that other guys butt!!).

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