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Magnetic Island

Maggie Island is a pretty cool little island just offshore from Townsville.  Its much nicer than T'ville, being more tropical and nice beaches, etc.  We've gone over a couple of times, staying a weekend at a hostel one of the times.  They're in a somewhat random order, deal with it.

alma-bay-sign.jpg (94196 bytes)

alma bay sign

alma-bay-1.jpg (35635 bytes)

alma bay left

alma-bay-3.jpg (24136 bytes)

alma bay center

alma-bay-2.jpg (33731 bytes)

alma bay right

amy-on-rock-walkway.jpg (60474 bytes)

amy on rocks by geoffrey bay

ash-fort-view.jpg (45498 bytes)

me on fort

jeff-fort-view.jpg (49113 bytes)

jeff on fort

lindsey-fort-view.jpg (39673 bytes)

lindsey on fort

bat-fried-on-power-lines.jpg (50389 bytes)

fried bat on the wires above (we saw multiple bats like this...crazy)

bay-1.jpg (33657 bytes)


blueys-bush-and-beach-rides.jpg (45215 bytes)

we did the blueys bush and beach was fun

coconuts-sign.jpg (65657 bytes)

coconuts hostel sign (we stayed there...its a crazy place)

coconuts-buildings-7-to-10.jpg (102749 bytes)

coconuts little hut things we stayed in

boat-beached-in-low-tide.jpg (33363 bytes)

beached boat during low tide

ash-in-bluey's-ranch-sign-t.jpg (53499 bytes)

me in sign

amy-in-blueys-ranch-sign-th.jpg (55734 bytes)

amy in sign

colt-and-mother-and-brother.jpg (43440 bytes)

colt w/ mother and brother at blueys

colt-looking-at-me-at-bluey.jpg (49939 bytes)


colt-mother-brother-at-blue.jpg (37851 bytes)


blueys-horseshoe-ranch-entr.jpg (37132 bytes)

ranch sign

fading-light-1.jpg (23785 bytes)

fading light view

fading-light-2.jpg (22257 bytes)



boats-horseshoe-bay-fading-.jpg (28240 bytes)

fading light view horseshoe bay

fort-walk-stairs.jpg (117059 bytes)

fort walk

view-1.jpg (40541 bytes)

view from fort walk (also this background)


fort-walk-view-03.jpg (52637 bytes)



fort-walk-view-01.jpg (41783 bytes)

view from fort

fort-walk-view-04.jpg (42211 bytes)


fort-walk-view-06.jpg (49726 bytes)


fort-walk-view-07-horseshoe.gif (138839 bytes)

same (horseshoe bay)

fort-walk-view-08.jpg (42208 bytes)


fort-walk-view-09.jpg (48422 bytes)


fort-walk-view-of-other-for.jpg (39918 bytes)

view of other fort


geoffrey-bay-sign.jpg (94632 bytes)

geoffrey bay sign (near where you go to see rock wallabies)

horseshoe-bay-sunset-1.jpg (21221 bytes)

sunset horseshoe bay

horseshoe-bay-sunset-2.jpg (22463 bytes)


horseshoe-bay-sunset-3.jpg (32011 bytes)


jeff-and-amy-in-rented-car.jpg (84205 bytes)

we rented a car to drive around on the island (it was fun driving on the other side of the road)

rented-car--front-view.jpg (75412 bytes)

car again, front view

lindsey-crawling-out-fort.jpg (29566 bytes)

lindsey crawling onto side roof thing in fort

marine-stingers-diff-sign.jpg (101482 bytes)

marine stingers warning

me-staring-at-self-timer-ca.jpg (87366 bytes)

me trying to use self timer (just found that function on my camera), wasn't sure if it was working....a couple ppl said it looks like i'm on survivor...scary

me-w-my-fav-palm-tree-on-is.jpg (22991 bytes)

me w/ my favorite palm tree on the island, in picnic bay area

moon-when-up-for-sunrise.jpg (29218 bytes)

when up for sunrise, can still see moon behind

nelly-bay-looking-left-towa.jpg (31321 bytes)

dawn nelly bay

nelly-bay-looking-right-tow.jpg (45127 bytes)

dawn nelly bay

pretty-flower.jpg (117193 bytes)

pretty floer (hibiscus?)

maggie-island-bowls-club.jpg (41342 bytes)

maggie island bowls club

rock-wallabies-1.jpg (93777 bytes)

rock wallaby

rock-wallabies-2.jpg (76961 bytes)

rock wallaby

rock-wallabies-feeding-on-v.jpg (55941 bytes)

rock wallabies eating

sandpipers-in-sand,-ocean,-.jpg (43704 bytes)


sunrise-d2-2.jpg (24024 bytes)

sunrise nelly bay

sunrise-1.jpg (33892 bytes)


sunrise-2.jpg (53438 bytes)


sunrise-3.jpg (34505 bytes)

sunrise same area next day


sunrise-d2-1.jpg (33096 bytes)


tree-with-yellow-flowers.jpg (124253 bytes)

yellow flower tree (used to be used as fill in life jackets a long time ago)

yellow-flower-from-tree.jpg (75686 bytes)

flower from that tree

second-fort.jpg (84118 bytes)

other fort

view-from-in-fort-2.jpg (32293 bytes)

view from inside fort

view-from-in-fort-3.jpg (35142 bytes)

view from inside fort

view-from-in-fort-4.jpg (32022 bytes)

view from inside fort

view-from-in-fort-towards-o.jpg (38866 bytes)

view from inside fort toward horseshoe bay

view-from-in-fort-1.jpg (33496 bytes)

view from inside fort

ash-trying-to-feed-wallaby.jpg (41386 bytes)

me trying to hand feed a rock wallaby

baby-rock-wallaby.jpg (83092 bytes)

baby rock wallaby

figbird.jpg (86829 bytes)

figbird in the tree (it blends in well)

jeff-amy-linds-ash-horse-ra.jpg (64843 bytes)

jeff amy lindsey me after horseback ride in woods and on beach (lindsey's shirt is just wet)

moon-mars.jpg (24124 bytes)

moon and mars

rock-wallaby-close-2.jpg (44157 bytes)

rock wallaby

rock-wallaby-close-3.jpg (65502 bytes)

rock wallaby

sunset1.jpg (17080 bytes)

sunset over horseshoe bay

white-faced-heron.jpg (39220 bytes)

white faced heron

amy-nelly-bay.jpg (44835 bytes)

amy nelly bay

ash-on-picnic-bay.jpg (47249 bytes)

ash picnic bay

panaramic-view-ocean-land-s.jpg (8736 bytes)

water land sky

radical-bay.jpg (53112 bytes)

radical bay

sea-hare.jpg (83368 bytes)

a sea hare

townsville-harbor-1.jpg (24732 bytes)

leaving townsville to go across on ferry to maggie island

townsville-harbor-2.jpg (39322 bytes)

looking back at t'ville again

cool-coral.jpg (95278 bytes)

a cool little coral

coral-under-the-water.jpg (49653 bytes)

corals under the water

horseshoe-bay-sunset-7.jpg (32182 bytes)

sunset over horseshoe bay (different day than before)

leaving-for-maggie-island-1.jpg (40792 bytes)

leaving on ferry from t'ville

on-ferry-to-maggie-island-1.jpg (16068 bytes)

on ferry

on-ferry-to-maggie-island-7 lb.jpg (24603 bytes)

looking back at t'ville

on-ferry-to-maggie-island-9.jpg (15076 bytes)

on ferry looking at maggie island

sea-star-2.jpg (35198 bytes)

sea star in water

sea-urchin.jpg (115118 bytes)

sea urchin in water

tiny-hermit-crab-1.jpg (94491 bytes)

tiny hermit crab crawling on log in water

view-from-maggie-island-1-b.jpg (46482 bytes)

view on island

view-from-maggie-island-5-b.jpg (41340 bytes)

view on island

view-from-maggie-island-3-b.jpg (52254 bytes)

view on island

Background another one of the fort walk view pics taken by either me or Amy...we took almost the same exact pic. 

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