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Cairns and Wildlife Habitat

We met for the group flight in LA, then flew to Sydney, then on to Cairns (Northeast Australia, in Queensland).  We spent 4 days there as a group, and were able to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef, go the Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas, and wander around Cairns.  Scuba diving was a wonderful experience, I got to see tons of cool fish and a sea turtle and a reef eel and tons of other stuff, and we also saw humpback whales and dolphins on the boat ride out to the reef.  The Wildlife Habitat was also a great experience, since it was our first real introduction on Australian animals and we were able to see them up close and personal and pet kangaroos and wallabies all within their excellent facilities. 


cool-pool.jpg (31676 bytes)

cool pool in Cairns

cairns-waterfront.jpg (31487 bytes)

Cairns waterfront



cairns-harbour.jpg (31985 bytes)

Cairns harbour

cairns-harbour-2.jpg (44697 bytes)

Cairns harbour

ocean-cloudy-sky.jpg (26405 bytes)

ocean on way to reef

upolu-cay.jpg (31887 bytes)

looking off front of boat on way back from reef


simpsons-mobile.jpg (73338 bytes)

an interesting Simpsons vehicle in Cairns

palm-w-bat-in-it.jpg (99169 bytes)

there is a fruit bat in this tree, but you probably can't see it

bat-in-tree.jpg (45280 bytes)

bat in tree

parrot.jpg (69782 bytes)

parrot (male)

female-parrot.jpg (70599 bytes)

parrot (female)

ducks.jpg (54865 bytes)


blurry-cassowary.jpg (39435 bytes)

cassowary (i know its blurry, but i felt that it should be on here anywa)

masked-lapwing.jpg (88825 bytes)

masked lapwing (see that spike by its wing!)

blurry-magpie-goose.jpg (38359 bytes)

magpie goose (blurry)

emu.jpg (87265 bytes)

emu (blurry again!)

bats.jpg (108896 bytes)

fruit bats (flying foxes) we saw there, and also flying around in the wild by school


australian-pelican.jpg (57698 bytes)

some sort of Australian pelican (biggest kind in world(?))

jabiru-w-baby.jpg (100875 bytes)

two jabiru w/ their little baby...first pair that have ever reproduced in captivity

lonely-kookaburra.jpg (81916 bytes)

a lonely looking kookaburra

bunch-of-kookaburras.jpg (65067 bytes)

bunch of kookaburras (their call is indeed very loud and distinctive all day/night long, I like it)


frogmouth.jpg (87008 bytes)


forest-dragon.jpg (30937 bytes)

forest dragon

python.jpg (39488 bytes)

water python

koala.jpg (68642 bytes)

a koala

sleeping-koala.jpg (105861 bytes)

sleeping koala

cranky-looking-koala.jpg (47288 bytes)

another koala, looking a bit like a cranky child being awoken

croc-in-green-scum.jpg (35441 bytes)

do you see the crocodile in the green muck? its the dark part sticking up slighty just below the center of the pic

croc-laying-in-sand.jpg (82733 bytes)

crocodile laying in the sand



crocs-layin-by-water.jpg (62645 bytes)

crocodiles laying by water edge

butterfly.jpg (61899 bytes)

a pretty butterfly on a leaf

tree-kangaroo.jpg (78390 bytes)

tree kangaroo

close-up-cute-kangaroo.jpg (67065 bytes)

cute kangaroo close-up

another-cute-kangaroo.jpg (96178 bytes)

gray kangaroo

kangaroo-lounging.jpg (124304 bytes)

kangaroo chillin on the grass

kangaroo-lounging-2.jpg (75955 bytes)

another kangaroo chillin (background for this page)

kangaroo-cutey.jpg (103882 bytes)

another cute gray kangaroo

little-wallaby.jpg (88070 bytes)

little wallaby

feeding-leaf-to-momma-w-bab.jpg (78640 bytes)

me giving a wallaby a leaf she wanted and you can see her baby joey peeking out of her pouch between her legs

me-petting-a-kangaroo.jpg (64686 bytes)

me petting a kangaroo

me-with-two-buddies.jpg (99008 bytes)

me with two buddies

AustraLearn pic.gif (19802 bytes)

some AustraLearn girl I think named Ashley, with me (also Ashley), and a kangaroo grabbing food (click on that blue dot there...I can't get it to be normal)


light-coming-thru-trees-at-.jpg (71170 bytes)

walking on the path in the habitat i wanted to take a pic, and the sun happened to come through a spot in the leaves at the same time i took it.  the habitat was very nicely made and an excellent area for all the animals.

birds-on-roof.jpg (47523 bytes)

birds on the cloth-like material roof

rex-lookout-01.gif (181466 bytes)

Rex Lookout, so perfect. Its on the coast road between Cairns and north to Port Douglas, which is around where the habitat is. 

rex lookout 03.jpg (213911 bytes)

Rex Lookout, once again looking so perfect

group-photo.jpg (71264 bytes)

whole AustraLearn group at Rex Lookout

hitchenbrook-island-on-righ.jpg (20280 bytes)

on way from Cairns to Townsville, the start of Hitchenbrook Island is on the right...its a very large island (I think the second largest off Australia's coast maybe), and has dugongs in the waters around it

This background picture I took is of a kangaroo chillin on the ground at the Wildlife Habitat.

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